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”We work with you to design a concept that will illustrate your virtual image.”

There is a lot to consider when you are in the beginning stages of designing your website. Based on the level of your computer skills, you may elect to manage this task on your own, whether in part or as a whole, or you may prefer to hire a web designer. Whichever approach you choose, this is a keynote exposé of your company and should be prepared for as such.

We now live in a world where customers can and will research any company they do business with or solicit services from, sometimes before even contacting them. When people visit your website, they look for the following: who you are, what you do, where you are located and why you are best option. The answers to these questions should be the base of what is provided in the content of any website. While the layout for the pages that include this information is generally the same for every website, there will be artistic differences resulting from the creative ability of you and/or your web designer. This means that by the initial conversation between you and a potential customer, it is highly probable that they have already decided on whether or not to use your product or service.

Your website should serve as your hub of information, and there is a lot to consider in the initial development: customer, content, appearance, functionality and customization. In addition, you want to be sure that the website can be located in a search related to your business, and is user friendly once it is accessed. These are some of the things we will go over during the initial consultation and will serve as the foundation of your virtual image.

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