Submitting Bids and Proposals
”Set yourself one step closer to that new contract by submitting a snapshot of how you do business”.

When submitting bids and proposals for desired contracts, you want to make sure that they outline your commitment to completing the project; both within a timely manner and estimated cost. While there are times that this may not be feasible, you must still aim for perfection.

Your submission should benefit both you and your prospective customer by not only landing you the opportunity, but also by giving your customer the ability to use it as a reference of where you are in the project, at any given time, for any reason. This way of thinking should be applied to both solicited and unsolicited proposals. If you are proposing to a customer request, chances are you will not be the only one; if you are proposing to a customer that has not made a request, chances are they already have that particular need already met and you have to exhibit why you are the better choice. Either way, you have to make a point to be noticed and prominent.

We will help you by either preparing your proposals for you or directing you on ways to make sure that your offer is at a very minimum, considered.

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